Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tonka Time

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of several families with young children in our beach property. I say pleasure, because it really was fun to hear the kids giggles, see all the beach activities and busy play time that went on. I noticed a yellow dump truck, sitting on top of the wall next to the house, and had to chuckle since we usually don't see Tonka toys lined up on the wall, but rather bottles of various types!
After a very enjoyable week and 1 night before their departure, we received this note from the group:

As we have no interest in returning to our real lives, we were wondering if there was a possibility to extend out our time here. When we saw you the other day you had mentioned that your vacancies were being filled up, but we thought we'd ask if any of the homes that we are currently in might be available for one

more night.

We thank you again--this rejuvenates our lives and our families so much and we are already looking forward to this next year.
Your guests

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