Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rocky Point Beach Clean up

Beautiful, clean & empty beaches await you!

There's an amazing amount of manpower going on just south of the border from Phoenix. The locals are cleaning the beaches and earning a small wage to help feed their families at the same time. I heard commotion outside on the beach and looked out to find a large crowd of people right outside my door with rakes and trashbags. I grabbed my camera and ran down the dune to document the event and find out what was going on.

Check out this video!

As we all know, the media has been tough on Rocky Point, and the locals are ready for the tourists to return. With massive layoffs and no construction projects to speak of, the State of Sonora has hired 600 locals to work 4 hour shifts. Working from 6am-10am, in groups of 50 men & women, they are raking and picking up trash on all of the beaches in Rocky Point. These efforts began on May 25, 2009 and will continue for 6 weeks.

There seem to be mixed reviews from the long timers to Peñasco of these quiet times in Rocky Point. Some love having the beach to themselves again and the peaceful quiet evenings. Others miss having activities going on everywhere, with full restaurants and bars. The more frequented restaurants like Coffees Haus and Ramon's have slowed down tremendously but still have great service, great food and a nice cool spot too dine in. (or cater an event)

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