Monday, April 26, 2010

El Pinnacate Museum-Schuk Toak Visitors Center, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

If you haven't seen the El Pinnacate Museum in Rocky Point it's time to go check it out. The "Schuk Toak Visitor Center is located approx 13 miles north of town (13 miles from the northern most traffic light) and 4 1/2 miles west off the highway and named one of the "13 Natural Wonders of Mexico" in 2008.

We've driven past the entrance signage on the highway numerous times and kept saying that we would do it NEXT TRIP, so this past Sunday morning we ventured out and did it!
The facility is a sustainable bldg., constructed of foam block, solar panels lining the roof to run the electricity, as well as a small wind generator and weather station.

Beautiful desert photographs and displays along with a 20 min video of the area shown in the theater center, in both English and Spanish, give you a bit of history on the area.

We did a walking tour over the volcanic rock and were surprised by the number and size of the lizards hanging out sunning on the rocks. Can you see the lizard on top of this rock?  I'm not sure if we were watching them or vise-versa! The desert was full of sounds not heard in the city and alive with wildlife and desert plants.

We are planning our next visit to take in a 40 minute walk through the Sand Dunes, we did not get to on this last trip.

Hours are 9 am- 5pm daily. $50 pesos per person for locals / homeowner's, and $100 pesos for visitors.

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  1. Amazing the beauty we can find when we take the time...
    Looking forward to the walk and tour on our next trip to RP!
    Thanks for sharing